Welcome to Clean Sweep! One of my favorite parts of my job is discovering new places, products and practices that inspire me. So let me do the dirty work. Every other week I’ll be sharing my musings and the new gems I’ve unearthed.

I’ve just returned from LA to a chilly NYC with a renewed green thumb (it’s seriously addictive).

I’ve been traveling a lot the last few months and have sworn by this to keep all travel bugs away.

I’m taking a note from the Scandinavians and consciously incorporating more hygge into my life. My nightly bath has made all the difference… stay warm out there!

Winter in NYC has got me dreaming of my return to Maderas and staying at this magical spot. Fresh juice, a daily catch, and surf everyday.

In the meantime I’ve decided to stop exercising and start training. Most likely in these shoes.

Who says drinking your greens is just for the warmer months?  Since it’s so cold, I’ve been making my ‘winter green juice’ from my cookbook on repeat.

Happy New Year! xlily