I’m just returning from a serious getaway in the desert for mindbodygreen’s annual #revitalize retreat full of inspiration and ideas.

Not to mention some serious cacti inspo. Planting some asap.

It’s officially back to school season, which for me means enacting some moderate resolutions that I am taking away from experts at the retreat. For more energy, improved digestion, and less stress I will be:

Taking cold showers.

-Treating my body to a hydrating post- shower oil massage as the weather gets chillier.

Waiting 12 – 14 hours between eating dinner and breakfast.

Introducing a consistent breathwork practice.

I’m planning to make my life easier during these transition times by making hearty, easy salads like this one.

And getting my favorite pot back on the stove for soups and stews, like my go-to red curry from my cookbook.

Speaking of pot, this not-quite-pot has been helping me sleep sound and relieve period cramps.

I’m also swearing by this little pot of polish as the days get cooler and drier..

Until next time xx