Once you have some popsicle molds, these are the easiest pops to make! Truthfully, I never measure the ingredients – I throw some watermelon, strawberries, a big handful of mint and a few squeezes of lime into the blender and blend it all up. They make the most refreshing and hydrating post-beach treat but I also love having them in the freezer for a slightly sweet afternoon snack. Feel free to adjust to your taste, adding more lime to make them tangier or more strawberries to make them sweeter!

  • 3 cups watermelon
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 8 – 10 mint leaves
  • 1 lime, juiced

Optional additions: ⅓ cup coconut milk for a creamier pop and raw honey for a sweeter pop, if desired


Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Taste and add honey if desired.

Pour into popsicle molds and stick in the freezer. Let sit for several hours until frozen, or preferably overnight.

To remove popsicles, run the bottom of the popsicle molds in very warm water to release.


Note: When using coconut milk I use full-fat coconut milk because it gives the popsicles a creamier texture. For an even creamier texture, use more coconut milk or for an icier pop use less or low-fat coconut milk.