I’m a natural beauty product junky but when it comes down to it, I’m a firm believer in beauty from the inside out. I will easily spend more money on organic vegetables, bone broth, and probiotics than I will face creams and serums. Feeding your belly and brain works to address the root cause of any ailments that may plague you. Dry skin? Yes, slather your face with oil but also drink a TON of water. Acne? Totally cover it up with the best natural concealer but also work to balance your gut flora with food.

My friends at CAP Beauty also subscribe to this school of thought. Stocked with the best natural beauty products and nearly an equal amount of ingestibles and supplements to boost results, they have both ends of the beauty-wellness spectrum covered. Often when I leave a facial at CAP, I’m armed with a “to do” list that often includes a “food Rx” like starting the day with a little bone broth or the name of the best probiotic. I turned to them to create three amazing fall tonics (but really they would be just as good in any season) for body, brain, and beauty. Here they are!

Magical Moonshine (aka Hydration and Digestive Tonic)

magical moonshine // clean food dirty city

Your digestion has a huge impact on how you feel – if your digestion is off it’s likely some other things are off as well. This hydrating tonic is filled with potent ingredients like probiotics and omegas that are designed to soothe and bring your digestion into balance for deep skin nourishment. The stars in this next-level digestion tonic are the Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Boost, crafted with coconut water, aloe vera, and active probiotics, as well as Sibu’s Sea Berry Therapy, which is a crazy high source of omegas laced with over 190 bio-active compounds. Add a splash digestive bitters into the mix for an extra boost of bloat soothing digestive support and get ready to glow from the inside out.



Combine all ingredients in a glass and serve over ice.

Happy Morning Matcha (Brain Tonic)


Matcha delivers an unparalleled caffeine boost – unlike coffee matcha delivers a slow release of caffeine so there’s no jittery spike or sudden crash. While matcha is great on its own, I like to supercharge its power by combining it with Mucuna Pruriens. Mucuna Pruriens, also known as the dopamine bean, contains 15% L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine in the brain that boosts our overall mood. Consuming small amounts regularly may enhance brain function, soothe the nervous system, and elevate the mood so you feel on top of the world. I use CAP’s coconut butter for this tonic as it’s the creamiest one I’ve found and blends in perfectly.



Combine all ingredients with hot water and blend for a minute on high.


Hibiscus Beauty Tonic


I love to use Tocos as the base of many of my tonics as it magically turns creamy and is an incredible natural sweetener, similar some would say to that of vanilla ice cream. Sun Potion calls it the “ultimate skin food” due to it’s high levels of vitamin E. Mangosteen and Hibiscus taste amazing and are both Vitamin C powerhouses that cleanse and nourish the skin. The Varidem Elixir acts as a major detoxifier and cleanser, supporting the liver and taming inflammation. Pine Pollen can be great for balancing hormones and is also an aphrodisiac. This is one supercharged drink.



Combine all ingredient in a glass and serve immediately. Note: during the winter this is also great blended with warm water or your favorite herbal tea.